What’s Happening in the WICCU?

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Elementor #4843

Donate Today Animal Intake Form Name * First Last * Last Address Animal Was Found at: * Address Animal Was Found at: Address Animal Was

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Trumpeter Swan Cygnet

Trumpeter Swan Cygnet A little trumpeter swan cygnet had a damaged foot from being attacked  by something. We brought it to our veterinarian for surgery. 

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Mallard and Ducklings

Mallard and her ducklings We received a call from a concerned family.  It seemed a young female mallard decided to nest in one of their

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White Tailed Fawn

White Tailed Fawn We received a call from the public about an injured fawn who was stuck in mud and surrounded by brush.  They believed

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Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle: A bald eagle was reported injured on a trail that was along the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.  The eagle had sustained wing

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