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At Wildlife Intensive & Critical Care Unit,  protecting your privacy is crucial. Our privacy statement explains how we collect, use, share and protect your information. We promise to treat your personal information responsibly and provide you with choices about how we use and share it. If we change our privacy policy, we’ll post the changes right here. So, just how do we protect your privacy? In a nutshell, we promise to treat your personal information responsibly. It’s as simple as that.


Here’s how

We use cookies so we can improve your online experience. Cookies also track visitors’ IP addresses, domain names and browser information. They don’t collect a visitor’s personal information, but they help us to:

  • Analyze how visitors use our website or mobile app.
  • Develop new services to improve our website or mobile app
  • Analyze our marketing campaigns
  • Know how many visitors have seen or clicked on ads
  • You may choose to correspond with Under Guardian via email. Please be careful about the information you send to us in email. As with any public Web tool, email may not be secure so please do not include sensitive information.

We collect your personal information when you:

  • Create and use your online account
  • Ask a question
  • Apply for products or services
  • Complete a form
  • Conduct transactions
  • Send email to us
  • Subscribe to receive email from us